This is a chance to discover

some of the "behind the scenes" activities, and projects that are a part of S.I.R..

But FIRST! please allow me a couple of "bragin' rites" regarding some of the more important people of my life.

Adam, Gena, Bryna, Livia, and Simone1st Ltd. Adam Disney USMC
Our older son (Adam) lives in Temecula, CA with his wife Gena. Gena is a self employed web designer. Here they are on a "left coast" beach. Gena is holding their older daughter Bryna, and their new son Simon. Adam is holding Livia. Adam is a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corp.. He has recently returned from serving in Afghanistan. He is presently stationed at Camp Pedelton, CA.

Clay & Jamie Disney

Our younger son (Clay) lives with his wife (Jamie) in Palatine, IL. Clay is a civil Engineer for a private company in the northeast area of Illinois. Jamie is employed as a Sr. account executive at Bowie Bell and Howell in Chicago. C & J are pretty much solely responsible for getting my inventory done, each year. (For which I am very grateful.) We are thankful that they are close enough to have an "in person" visit with us, every now and then. (Though they keep "threatening" us with the notion of moving to Australia - - so far, so good. :)

Kathy Disney

This is a picture of my bride of 34 years. Kathy is a kindergarten teacher in Clinton, WI. She is my sweet-heart. I do not even want to imagine life without her. She is all of those things that people say about other people. She is smart, kind, patient, and wise. Sometimes she is my boss, my friend, my teacher, or my helper. She is my partner and someone who "understands" me - - well "most of the time", anyway - - We are both looking forward to a little less "work time" and more time to be able to visit "kids and grandkids". And while today's economic situation has made this a little more difficult to achieve - - when you see this smiling face - - what more could I ask for?

OK - Now for a few pictures about "shop stuff".

(Hope to have more posted soon.)

Ken in shop

Ken Jarczyk is a professional musician that is listed on our ProPage. He is always fun to have in the shop.He recently made another visit to have some work done to his Selmer tenor. He also brought along a newly purchased "Yani" Alto Sax, to have tweaked to his performance standard. While he was here, I asked him to evaluate this Selmer Tenor for me, and he liked the way it played. "Thanks for your opinion, Ken."

Lathe Job A Closer Look
A small part fabrication. A closer look.
We occasionally need to fabricate a part for an instrument that is no longer available from a manufacturer or supplier. Here is an operation that was a step in producing a new valve stem, for an obsolete tuba.

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