Our ultrasonic cleaning system was added in 2002 . . .

Ultrasonic Cleaning is the prefered choice of cleaning at S.I.R.

Forty year old penny. A couple of minutes in the Sonic Cleaner, cleans it up nicely.

Sonic CleanerCleaning Trpt.
The power of the Sonic Cleaner is impressive. This vintage Olds trumpet hasn't been this clean for many years. (Inside and out.)

We abandoned the "chem flush" system of cleaning in 2002. We now use an ultrasonic system for this process. This system operates from 40kHz through 90kHz, setting the cleaning solution into motion with acoustic waves. This creates a high pressure and a low pressure front that travels throughout the solution. The high pressure fronts are referred to as compression and the low pressure fronts as rarefaction. These pressure movements work in the solution to produce cavitations.

The cavitation phenomenon works on microscopic bubbles of entrained air and/or vapor of the cleaning solution. During the rarefaction cycle, the bubble grows as the internal pressure exceeds the external pressure. During the compression cycle, the bubble collapses releasing its stored energy. This release of energy produces a high amount of mechanical disruption (scrubbing action) and temperature release localized to the point of implosion. The combination of these factors causes particles to be separated from surfaces.

The power of Ultrasonics lies not only in its ability to clean, but in its ability to penetrate into areas inaccessible by any other method. The "cavitation cleaning power" goes wherever the liquid goes. Therefore - internal surfaces, external surfaces, blind holes and crevices, are all cleaned simultaneously.

If you are interested in having your instrument cleaned with Ultra Sonic Power - - give us a call at 815-389-4380.

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Importance of Instrument Sanitation

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