Repair Samples

Not a "Happy Camper".

Before repad. After repad.
This "E-bay" purchase wasn't quite what the customer had expected.We are happy that we were able to help!

Did you hear that an elephant has escaped from the zoo ? :> )

View #1 of sax bell. Same view - later.
Help - - I've been hit!Yes ! ! !

View #2 of the damage. Same view - later.
Did you see which way he went?I am sooooooo happy.

Bell dents Bell dents
Oh No !!Never fear - - we can help.

Everything - - except a "tummy tuck"!

Half & Half A Closer Look
Almost halfway through a "facelift" for this clarinet.Here is a closer look at the difference that can be achieved with this procedure.

Broken Buffet Clar. Job Completed
Buffet clarinet, with broken top tenon New tenon in place.

Horn before Horn after
Got "Crunched" All fixed up.

Haynes flute (before) Haynes flute (after)
Haynes flute before complete overhaul. After overhaul (less replating).

Horn before Horn after
"Ouch!" Ooooooh...that's better!

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