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"Alexander Reeds!"

Alexander reeds were first brought to our attention by Mrs. Miriam Williams. (See Miriam on our "ProPage" .) She was originally impressed, not only with the quality of the product - - but with the particular care of selection and packaging of this fine product. We were "intriged" with Miriam's comments and inquiries. However, we had not yet had a sufficient number of requests to consider a major commitment to this product.

We began to be more convinced about this product, when a local jazz artist began requesting Alexander "Superial" reeds on a regular basis. Mr. Ken Jarczyk. (See Ken on our "ProPage" and on our "Private" page) wanted "all that we had" of the Alexander "Superial" reed, for basically every wind instrument that you can think of.

This may very well be the "reed that you need".

What Do I Need ????

Please either consult the Alexander web site at "Superial", or use the following "excerpt" from that website, as a guide.

"While it is impossible to get exact equivalencies with other brands, here is what we suggest as general comparitive strengths:"

Suggested Stengths -

Rico / LaVoz / VanDoren Java - try "Superial"

Hemke / Rico Royal / Rico Jazz / Vandoren V16 / - try "DC"

VanDoren Calssic, or "harder"reeds - try "Classique"

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