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My name is Jerry


Stateline Instrument Repair is beginning the celebration of it's 40th year of business. The business was founded on November 1, 1977.

This business has really "evolved" from the time that I attended Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana. At that time, I was able to begin to develop my interest of the "mechanical action(s)" of the different musical instruments.

I began my career by working as the assistant instrument repair technician for I.S.U. in 1970. While these interests continually grew stronger, I didn't think that I would be able to use them (and the skills that I was beginning to develop) as a vocation. Therefore, with a degree in Music Education, I began my career as a band director at Rossville, Indiana.

As much as I enjoyed teaching music to the students at Rossville, I began to realize that my "larger love" was in being able to "make that broken horn play". In 1973, I was fortunate enough to be able to begin to apprentice with the first of three instrument repair technicians. I continued this form of education while doing an increasing amount of "in the field training" as well. By 1977, I was ready to earn my way as a full time instrument repair technician. It was requested of me to re-locate my shop to southern Wisconsin, and begin a wholesale repair business. Stateline Instrument Repair was born.

Since it's inception, S.I.R. has undergone a few growing pains, but has grown into a thriving business. It has seen many changes. S.I.R. has had a steady growth rate since it's inception. During the first 18 years of business S.I.R. completed over 39,000 wholesale band instrument repairs, for four area music stores.

In 1993 S.I.R. became incorporated. In 1995 S.I.R. began to consider opening it's doors to the retail customer, for band instrument repairs. By the spring of 1996 this idea had become a reality. Physical changes were made to the business building, to begin to accomodate a retail business. By the summer of 1996 it became obvious that there was another area that S.I.R. needed to get involved in. That is the area of instrument sales. Purchases were made, and plans were drawn, to be able to be the best source for re-conditioned band instruments in the immediate area. More physical changes have been made (and are continuing to be made) to accomodate the added growth of the corporation. Along with these services came a need for customer access to new instrument cases, and accessories of all types. Additional plans and purchases have been made, to make this a reality as well.

All of the different areas of business that S.I.R. is involved in, are pretty much based on two statements. The first was passed on from the greater of the three technicians that I was able to apprentice with. His name was Willard "Bill" Snapp. He used to say, "Don't worry about being the cheapist repairman, worry about being the best." The second statement is, "Don't worry about learning the tricks of the trade - - instead learn the trade." Each of these statements has contributed to forming the philosaphy that S.I.R. has been built on. In essense, "Do everything within your power to give the customer the best possible job, at a fair price - - But don't "cut corners" to do it."

The success of S.I.R. has a large debt of gratitude that must be paid to many others. I hate to sound like an Academy Award recipient, but I must give credit where credit is due. First of all, without the Grace of God, S.I.R. would not be possible at all. The success of this business venture is truely a gift from God. Secondly, my wife (Kathy) and two sons (Adam, and Clay) have supported my dreams beyond expectation. They have worked endless hours (for no pay) and have been an immense portion of the success of this business. There have also been other technicians, professional musicians, music educators, local businessmen, etc., that have been an integral part of the growth and appeal that Stateline Instrument Repair, Inc. has to offer. To ALL of the above, I express my sincere, "Thank You". I also trust that added suggestions, and assistance, will continue to help Stateline Instrument Repair, Inc. to live up to it's reputation . . . and to your expectations.


Jerry Disney


Phone: (815) 389-4380

FAX: (815) 389-6095

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