"I'm playing a Tomasi, and you?"

"The making of a high quality flute requires a lot; balance of construction and perfect mechanics.

Especially the design of the head joint demands plenty of know-how, experience and skill."

Werner Tomasi, flute maker

For a long time the flute builder Werner Tomasi had the desire to build a high-qualiy, affordable line of flutes. Tomasi flutes are crafted in Viena, Austria. Tomasi flutes come standard with an offset G key, a split E mechanism, ring keys (with optional metal plugs), a low B key, and a high C facilitator key ("Gizzmo key"). They also have the french style pointed key arms, providing a very sturdy construction.

The series 09 - - start off on the right track !

The Series 09 SILVER LIGHT (Ag835) is a silver alloy that is slightly harder and lighter compared to sterling silver. Thus, this silver alloy is predestined for use in Tomasi's student flutes. The warm, singing sound of the silver is combined with an easy responce that is appreciated by many flautists.

The series 09 head joint is made of solid 835Ag silver, and is available with the original solid silver lip plate and riser, a Grenadilla wood lip plate and riser, or a solid Silver (925Ag) lip plate and a 14kt Gold riser.

The Series 10 - - A flute for all seasons.

The Series 10 Tomasi flute comes with a sterling silver head joint (Ag925), for advanced flautists. You have the same riser and lip plate options as with the Series 09 - however, the head tube is made from Tomasi solid Silver (925Ag). Other available options include the traditoinal "in-line" G key.

The Series 10S - - You can live your dream.

The Series 10S has solid sterling silver Tomasi Ag925 tube throughout. The head joint is solid sterling silver Ag925, and gives the same riser and lip plate options as before. The riser of 14K gold provides more power and dynamics. Using a golden riser adds two substantial features. The higher weight gives greater volume to the sound. And the particular hardness of the 14K gold facilitates an easy direct response. Thereby you obtain a full, strong tone with far reaching potential for dynamic development. Other available options include the traditoinal "in-line" G key.

09 and 10S

The Tomasi09 with the Grenadilla lip plate (bottom), and the Tomasi10S (top).

a close look at the metal plug (in D key)

A close look at the quality of the metal plugs. Here, there is a plug in the D key. It looks just like a "regular" flute key.

Close up of off-set G and split E mechanism

A good look at the offset G key, and the split E mechanism. Also note the French style pointed key arms.

two styles of head joints

A "side by side" of the Grenadilla lip plate, and the solid silver lip plate.

Stop by to play one of these fine instruments, and receive a very competative price quote.

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