S.I.R. attempts to maintain a reasonable supply of pre-ownded instruments that we offer for purchase.

All instruments are produced by prominent manufactures. These brands are known to be dependable instruments, by virtually any musician in the U.S.A., and abroad.

Each instrument has been thoroughly cleaned and tended to in our repair facility. All instrument purchases include the instrument case, and all (new) accessories needed to play, and care for the instrument. Each instrument also comes with our "warranty/guarantee" policy.

Brass Instruments:

We guarantee that our brass instruments are free of all major "dings and dents", and that all of the individual parts are in good working order. The "cosmetics" of the instrument(s) may vary. Please either stop by our facility, or request detailed picture, if we have an instrument that you may be interested in.

Woodwind Instruments:

Many of our woodwind instruments have had a complete overhaul, or a complete repad. We guarantee that there are no faulty pads, corks, felts, springs, etc. at the time of shipment, on any of our woodwind products. They are ready for your enjoyment!

If you wish to inquire about purchasing an instrument. Or, if you have any questions regarding a particular instrument, please contact us at - - 815-389-4380.

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Importance of Instrument Sanitation

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